How Roof Pitch Impacts Your Choices of Roofing Materials

Choosing the roofing material for your new roof has to go beyond aspects related to aesthetic appeal and affordability, one of the most important features to consider being the pitching angle of the roof. From the point of view of the sloping angle, there are two types of roofs: pitched roofs, sloping at a steep angle and flat roofs, that is, structures that look flat, but are usually just sloping at a very mild angle.

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The two types of roofs are very different in terms of the materials that can be used – here are some examples:

  • The most common materials used on sloping roofs – these structures are the most traditional roof types, either consisting of one steep slope or from two or more slopes meeting at the top. The most common materials used in pitched roofs by residential Fort Collins roofing company installers include clay and cement tiles, metal panels and shingles and asphalt shingles, each solution being available in many design versions;
  • The most common materials used in flat roofs – the most popular material choices used for flat or low-sloping structures are metal sheets, synthetic membranes, including TPO and EPDM and built-up solutions, such as tar and gravel roofs or modified bitumen roofs. Green roofs, consisting of vegetation, are also very popular options.

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