How Summer Heat Might Damage Your Flat Roof

repair Fort Collins commercial roofing damaged by heat

Most people consider winter to be more damaging for roofs than summer. The truth, however, is that the heat, the storms and the harsh sunshine typical for the hot season can be just as harmful to Fort Collins commercial roofing as winter weather. Here is what the summer can do to your flat roof:

  • Blistering – if the surface of your flat roof gets cracked or puncture, water can enter underneath the surface through the crack or hole. The rays of the summer sun heat the water that has penetrated the surface, causing bubbles to appear;
  • Shifting – most materials used for building flat roofs react to changes in temperature, contracting when the temperature drops and expanding when the air becomes hot again. This movement can make it easier for water to penetrate the surface and to cause problems, such as leaks;
  • Ponding water – whenever it rains, water accumulates on the surface of the flat roof, then it is drained through the gutters. If there are roof sections that start sagging or the gutters are clogged, the water cannot leave the roof and starts forming ponds. The roof areas that remain under water will sooner or later suffer serious damage and will develop leaks.

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