How to Avoid Damaging Your Roof with Holiday Decorations

Winter holidays are the most anticipated holidays of the year, with millions of people preparing the celebrations as they like. Many chose to decorate their houses with all sorts of lights and other nice accessories. Those who want to transmit their joy to others also decorate the exterior of their house and the yard.

Considering that roof decorations are very visible and the first impression matters, they are also very popular. The roof is like a business card for a building, so there is no wonder that, as the holiday season is approaching, we notice more and more light bulbs, reindeers and Santa Claus descending with the sled directly on many roofs.

installing holiday decorations

When you install decorations on your roof, according to an expert Denver roofer,  your main concern – besides your own safety! – must be to avoid any roof damage. Be sure to use plastic clips or clamps when attaching the lights. Everything must be properly insulated to avoid short circuits. Do not make the mistake to nail down some decorations or to use too heavy items that could damage the tiles. Ideally, you should use inflatable accessories and strings of lights that can be easily secured or hung from the edge of the roof.

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