How to Find Reputable Solar Panel Installers

Installing solar panels on your roof is a great and responsible investment, but it is not cheap, so you should be directly interested in finding a reputable solar panel installer and top notch Denver roofing companies that offer top quality services and stands behind their work.

Denver roofing companies

With a simple internet search, you can find a long list of installers in your area that claim to be the best. So… how can you make the best choice?

Look for certified and licensed installers

Certification is a mark of professionalism and quality and guarantees compliance with the specific standards of the solar panel industry. License is, of course, a must.


Put on your list only companies that carry at least workman`s comp and liability insurance, just to be sure that you are protected if an accident happens on your property while the installation of the solar panels.


The average warranty offered for solar panels is 20 years. Low quality panels come with shorter warranties. You should also get at least 1 year workmanship warranty, as well as 5-10 years warranty for solar inverters and storage batteries.

Get quotes from 2-3 installers

This way, you can identify solar panel installers willing to customize their offer in order to meet your needs. Besides, having quotes from different installers allows you to compare and identify your best option.


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