How to Keep Your Flat Roof Clean

Debris gathering on the roof is common and happens to almost every building, especially commercial ones. Many commercial buildings such as offices and retail spaces tend to have flat roofs Usually when having a sloped roof, a large portion of that debris tends to slide off with no intervention whatsoever. The same cannot be said for flat roofs.

Debris that gathers on them stays there unless it is manually removed. Besides debris, there are other factors to be aware of, such as mold, moss, dirt, and lichen. Leaving them around can cause damage to the roof over time and, in extreme cases, even leads to the complete replacement of the roof. A flat roof may need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning debris off does not take long and could be done regularly, at least once or every two months or so. Mold and moss can be removed by using a cleaning solution made specifically for killing moss, after which, it can be easily removed.

Another way of how to keep your flat roof clean is by taking care of the surrounding exterior of the building and trimming the trees will greatly reduce the amount of debris that will form over time. The drainage is also essential on a flat roof. The three of the most common types of flat roof drainage are traditional gutters, scuppers, and interior drains.

Interstate Roofing flat roof

Each of these three come with their benefits. The type of drainage does not matter. What matters is keeping them clean. This is another reason why the roof should be regularly removed. Any excess can get inside the gutters during rainy days becoming clogged. A clogged drainage system will allow water to gather on the roof leading to other structural damage over time.

Keep your commercial flat roof in good operating condition. Make a phone call to Interstate Roofing flat roof professionals for annual cleaning and maintenance.

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