How to Protect Your Roof from the Colorado Sun

Using vegetation on roofs is not a modern invention. If in the past the green roofs used to have the purpose of insulating and preventing water infiltrations, now, this option represents an alternative to a less polluting environment, a great protection for roofs situated in areas with many sunny days per year, as well as a way to increase the energy efficiency of a building.

roof top gardening

What is a green roof? It is practically a cover of vegetation, placed over an existing roof, waterproofed with a special membrane designed to be resistant to root growth and penetrations, as well as with a drainage system that directs the water to the building’s drainage holes; the draining system also maintains water in places designed to hydrate the soil.

Vegetation on these roofs can grow and develop naturally, without human intervention.

Considering that there are no exposed roof materials, the sun will not damage them. Moreover, a green roof is also naturally soundproof, provides a special look to your home, and maintenance costs are low. Finally yet importantly, it contributes to improving the urban environment, by reducing the temperature as well as the effects of global warming.

Ask progressive Colorado Springs roofing companies about this roofing option.


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