How to Recognize Door-to-Door Con Artists

Denver roofer

Con artists are more common that you think, appearing at the doorstep of homeowners who are still in a shock because of a major calamity, such a strong storm that has devastated their home. Conmen are usually very convincing and they make use of the homeowner’s vulnerability –An honest Denver roofer shares this information:

  • The scenario – fraudsters usually knock at your door after an extreme weather event that has left visible marks on your property, such as a damaged roof or smashed windows. They usually target seniors, because younger generations were raised to be more suspicious, more on the look-out for scammers;
  • What they promise – door-to-door artists usually ask for upfront cash in exchange for services that are never rendered or that are of very poor quality. The problem that these people offer to solve usually do not exist at all, for example, they try to convince the homeowner that their roof has sustained severe damage, even though the damage sustained is only minor, then they ask for money to go to the store for the materials necessary for the repairs. If they get the money, they usually go away with it, without doing any repairs. Some con artists do provide repair services, but the work is of very poor quality and was not necessary at all.

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