How To Spot Wind Damage On Your Roof

When it comes to roofs, the wind is among the most harmful of nature’s elements – according to the statistics, as much as one quarter of all reported roof damage is caused by strong winds. While winds can affect any part of the roof, the areas that are exposed to the highest risk of damage are the parts that stand out, such as the roof ridge, the corners and the edges of the roof. Wind can grab even components that hang as little as an inch over the edge – the moving air can get underneath the component, lifting it and ripping it off along with adjacent parts.

Denver roofing companies inspect and repair your roof

The easiest and safest way to detect wind damage on the roof is by looking at it from the ground first, then taking a closer look at the roof from up there. Grab a pair of binoculars and inspect the roof – if there is any severe damage, issues that involve torn or completely missing components, you will be able to spot the problems easily. However, wind can also cause less conspicuous damage, such as components that have been chipped or slightly displaced – to detect them all, you will need to climb up to the roof on a ladder and check the surface from there.

Better yet, count on renowned Denver roofing companies to inspect and repair your damaged roof as needed. You can trust in their experience and honest services.

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