How to Tell Which Commercial Roofing System Your Building Has

If you have recently come into the possession of a commercial facility and you need to find out what material the roofing is made from to be able to make decisions about the maintenance and the repair of the roof, you probably know already that simply climbing to the roof and inspecting it will not necessarily provide all the information that you need. Many roof surfaces do not expose the bare material that they are made from – painting, various types of coatings may all form protective layers that conceal the roofing material, making it difficult to identify.

Fort Collins commercial roofing construction

If what you see on the surface of your roof is a layer of protective coating or paint, the best thing to do is to call a professional roofer to handle the identification process – a good Fort Collins commercial roofing expert can identify your roofing material by simply looking specific parts of the roof or by scratching its surface in an area where the scratch cannot do any harm. Contracting a roofer is beneficial not only for revealing the material that your roof is made from, but also for carrying out other roofing tasks, such as regular inspections, cleaning and repairs, all of them essential for maintaining the health of your roof, whatever material it is made from.

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