I Don’t Have Homeowner’s Insurance – Can I Get a Discount?

It is important to have homeowner`s insurance, but if you think you cannot afford it, you should know that the price you will be required to pay for it can vary by hundreds of dollars and… yes, you can also get discounts.

Just take into account the following tips:

  • Take your time to shop around

There are different sources of information you can use when shopping around for insurance: the Yellow Pages, your state insurance department, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, insurance agents and more. It will take you some time indeed, but shopping around can save you a significant sum of money.

Also, do not be ashamed to ask different insurers what they would do to reduce your costs.

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  • Make improvements to your home or business

Making your home and/or business more disaster resistant will allow you to save on your premiums. Improving your home/business security can also bring you discounts. For example, a burglar alarm and a smoke detector can bring you a discount of 5%, while a more sophisticated security system can get you a 20% discount, from some insurance companies. You can also receive insurance discounts for up to date roofing. Check with commercial roof repair Fort Collins improvement specialists for a free inspection.

  • Try to stick with your insurer for a long time

Staying with the same insurer for at least 6 years may reduce your premiums by up to 10%.

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