If I Walk Around on My Roof, does that Damage My Shingles?

A pitched roof covered with shingles is not destined to human traffic. Only specialists can climb it, for inspecting it or performing necessary repairs – and that`s because they are experienced and have the right equipment to walk safely on the roof, without causing damage. The technicians at Interstate Roofing adhere to all roofing safety precautions, to ensure their health and your roof are protected.

If you walk on your roof, you risk leaving your shingles bare (loss of granulation, in the case of asphalt shingles), dislodging them or creating gaps that will increase the risk of water leaks.

Interstate Roofing

However, if you are forced by circumstances to climb on your roof to remove debris after a storm, remember to wear shoes that provide adequate traction and keep an eye on areas where they might be some trapped moisture, because they can make you slip and fall. In this situation, the damage you will cause to the roof is the last of your concerns…

On the other hand, there are also circulating roofs, but they are flat and are covered with a certain type of membrane, designed to allow pedestrian traffic and even the creation of green spaces on the roof. The circulating roof can be ballasted, paved with very diverse materials from natural stone, ceramic tiles, composite materials such as WPC, gravel etc., taking into account the aesthetic and functional aspect. The pavement also provides additional protection to the synthetic membrane from ultraviolet rays and environmental factors.

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