If You Just Bought a Commercial Building, Here are the Steps to Get Your Roof Inspected

Inspecting the roof once you buy a building is of utmost importance, because you must make sure that the building is protected and the roof has no hidden problems or vulnerabilities that may impact your comfort and peace of mind.

So, you must start by finding a reliable Denver contractor and schedule an in-depth inspection.

commercial roofing Denver CO inspection specialist

The commercial roofing Denver CO inspection specialist will do the following operations:

  • Closely examining records and talking to other building’s occupants, in order to find information on leaks or other problems they can remember about, which will help them to assess the condition of the roof, as accurately as possible.
  • Carefully inspecting the roof’s interior system.
  • Inspecting the building envelope.
  • Inspecting the rooftop (based on the information from the original plans and specifications), which will include a general look-over, followed by marking the identified damage.
  • Inspecting the roof perimeter and the roof field (most leaks occur on the roof perimeter -base and counter flashings, gutters, roof penetrations etc.)
  • Identifying signs of poor roof design, construction or installation
  • Filling a report, detailing the problems that have been found. The report will also include options for fixing the problems.

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