Is Built Up Roofing a Good Choice for Denver Buildings?

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Built up roofing systems are some of the most commonly encountered solutions for commercial buildings. Their name is derived from the fact that they are made of multiple layers, which offer great protection against the outside elements. These layers are made of asphalt, bitumen, felt, etc. They can be installed rather quick and easy. They are typically applied layer by layer, and that is what actually explains their name.

According to preferred commercial roofers Denver businesses often turn to, BURs have been used for more than one hundred years, which makes them some of oldest types of flat roofs. They are perfect for low sloped roofs which often have to deal with heavy traffic, such as the commercial buildings.

The first layer is the insulating one, and it is installed on top of the wooden deck. The next layer is usually made of asphalt. After being heated up, the asphalt is applied with the help of a mop or another spreading method.

The cover board is usually light in weight and it can provide a higher degree of resistance. The layers are installed in an alternate manner, making the roof highly resistant to outside conditions. If you want extra protection against ultraviolet rays, you can install a reflective coating, too.

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