Is EPDM Really Your Best Choice for Denver Commercial Roofing?

commercial roofing Denver CO

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a modern roofing material that is efficiently used on commercial and industrial buildings that require a low sloping roof of special strength and durability. Commercial roofing Denver CO builders say that the material makes an excellent choice for the roofs on commercial facilities in Denver for the following reasons:

  • What EPDM really is – the material is practically a synthetic rubber rolled into sheets and spread on the roof surface to be fastened with methods that do or do not involve the application of heat;
  • The benefits of using EPDM – the material option comes with a very wide range of benefits. One of the features that convinces most businesses to turn towards EPDM is the material’s price – EPDM is currently among the most affordable commercial roofing materials available. The other qualities that makes the solution so popular and appreciated are resistance and durability – EPDM can stand up to a lot including harsh weather extreme temperature variations, even to chemical spills and heavy foot traffic on the roof. Another aspect that accounts for the popularity of the option is quick and easy installation – EPDM sheets are easy to spread under surface and the fastening process is also very quick and easy.

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