Is Fiber Cement Siding the Best Choice for Denver?

fiber cement siding Denver

Fiber cement siding is an excellent option for authentic, resistant, and sustainable facades in Denver. The product variety is reflected in colors, textures, and shadows play – three of the most important visual tools in the palette of any architect.

What characteristics make fiber cement siding a great choice for Denver homes?

Fiber cement is resistant and durable. 

Leading fiber cement siding Denver contractors affirm that the unique combination of cellulose fibers and cement increases the strength of the siding panels. They are dimensionally stable, impact-resistant, and require little maintenance. The material itself is resistant to external factors and retains its color for long periods. The high pH value of the panel composition increases the resistance to bacteria and fungi.

Fiber cement is versatile.

Fiber cement siding is ideal for ventilated facades but also as a solution for exterior cladding and decorative elements for windows.

Fiber cement is not affected by moisture.

Fiber cement panels continuously absorb and release moisture, which does not affect the material’s durability and does not generate additional maintenance costs.

Fiber cement siding is fireproof

Fiber cement panels are non-combustible. Installed in a ventilated façade system, they increase the degree of safety and meet the demanding requirements in terms of fire protection.

Maintenance is easy

The panels are specially manufactured for outdoor use and do not require special treatments or periodic maintenance. They are easy to handle, process, and install.

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