Is Fiber Cement the Ideal Denver Siding?

Decorative fiber-cement siding began to be used in construction relatively recently, but its popularity has grown rapidly due to its elegant design, durability and ease of installation. The main function of these panels is to protect indoor spaces from cold and heat. In addition, fiber cement siding can be manufactured in various models, thus being able to embellish the façade of any home or commercial building.

Fiber cement siding is very resistant and durable, being made from a mixture of cement, quartz sand and other fibers that have the role of strengthening it. On the exterior, the boards are covered with a layer of acrylic resins that will protect them from moisture. The mixture is reinforced at very high temperatures and pressures.

Other advantages of fiber cement siding include:

  • Long life span of about 20 years
  • Good resistance to moisture and weathering
  • High resistance to fire
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties
  • Environmentally friendly

The fiber cement boards will be mounted on a metal structure that will allow the addition of a layer of thermal insulation, but also adequate ventilation.

fiber cement siding Denver

Considering the weight of this type of siding, it is recommended by fiber cement siding Denver installation experts to check if the walls and foundation of your house are strong enough to be able to take over this extra weight. Denver siding installation professionals will help you to make the correct choice, according to the particularities of your building.

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