Is It A Good Idea to Paint A Roof?

A Denver roofer will inspect and clean your roof prior to painting

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, refreshing the appearance of your home inside and outside. While most people consider the solution suitable only for walls, doors, window frames, decks and and fences, painting is a great way to refresh and protect your roof, too, what’s more, a suitably selected color can improve your building’s energy efficiency, too. However, not all roofs can be painted, so here are a few important things that you should know about roof painting:

  • Roofs that can be painted – the roofs made from aluminum and metal are most commonly painted, but the roofs made from tiles, asphalt shingles, even the ones that use wood shakes or slate can also be painted;
  • Benefits – roof paint improves not only the appearance of the roof and, with it, of the entire building. The color of the roof will also have an impact on how much energy you will need to heat and to cool the building interior. As a general rule, light colors reflect heat, so they work better in hot climates, while dark hues absorb solar energy, therefore they are more suitable for cold regions;
  • Roof preparation – the paint should be ideally applied on a well-maintained surface, so the roof needs to be cleaned and all the problems repaired by a Denver roofer before applying any paint or surface coating.

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