Is it Time to Replace My Cedar Shake Shingle Roof?

Cedar shake is a material that is still used widely on roofs, appreciated for its rugged, natural beauty and reliability. The roofs built from cedar are certainly durable, but even these hardy structures need to be replaced eventually – here are some signs to indicate that your good old cedar shake roof needs to go:

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  • Disappearing shakes – cedar shake roofs are composed of small pieces of thin wood. As the roof is aging, the shakes might start getting dislodged – if you see that your shakes keep vanishing, it is probably time to talk to a cedar shake Denver roofer about the replacement of the entire roof;
  • Visibly damaged shakes – if you see curling, buckling or splitting shakes over a large roof area, you should start preparing for roof replacement;
  • Frequent leaks – if you get recurring leaks all over the house, it is a sign that your roof is no longer able to keep water away. In some cases, repair is an option, but the best way to solve the problem of frequent water damage is complete roof replacement;
  • Roof age – properly maintained cedar shake roofs can last for up to 15 years. If your cedar roof is approaching the end of the lifespan it is warranted for, it is probably time for you to prepare for the replacement.

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