Is Metal Roofing Better Than Concrete or Slate in Denver?

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When talking about residential roofing solutions, metal roofing is definitely a very sought after option. But not everybody is convinced that this is the best solution for their problem. Some may prefer a concrete roof. The main problem with concrete roofs is that they are quite heavy, and a residential roof understructure can’t really support that kind of weight. Also, concrete tends to crack and can be quite difficult to fix once it does. Metal, on the other hand, is easier to work with and can be fixed quickly if need be.

Another alternative to metal roofing that some people choose is a slate roofing system. Although it may look nicer, slates are very heavy and difficult to handle. Plus, they can be quite tricky to install on the count of them being fragile. Also, although great looking and made to withstand heavy rains and snowfall, they don’t stand up too well in high storms and can even cause damages if they fly off. That’s why a metal roof is a better option for somebody that wants a stable roof, that is easy to install and even easier to maintain. Replacing it is also easy and it doesn’t have to set you back as much as a slate roof would.

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