Is Slate Roofing a Good Option for Curb Appeal in Denver?

Whether you need a roof for a new build in Denver or you are restoring a classic building in the Mile-High City, traditional, elegant slate is one of the best options when it comes to curb appeal – here is what gives slate roofs their unparalleled beauty:

  • The manufacturing process – slate roofs consist of pieces of natural wood that have been cut from a larger slab one by one, usually manually. The resulting pieces feature unique grains and lines as well as unique coloring and no to slate surfaces are ever the same;
  • The installation process – slate roofs are installed one piece at a time, fastening the individual components in rows that overlap. During the installation, the slate Denver roofer strives to create straight rows, but as no two pieces are the same, the result will be inevitably and beautifully uneven.

Denver roofer

There is one important aspect of slate that you should know about before investing into the material: slate is a very heavy material, therefore it is not a suitable option for lightweight buildings. Slate can only be used on buildings that are solid enough to support the excess weight of the roof and that can only be figured out through calculations.

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