Keeping Your Commercial Roof Energy Efficient

commercial building construction

Commercial roofs need to do more for your business than simply keeping the water outside – they need to be able to protect your budget by lowering your energy costs. If you think that your commercial roof needs some help to perform better, here are a few things that you can do:

  • Apply a reflective coating – this method can work wonders with your already existing commercial roof. The coating will protect your roof against infrared and ultraviolet radiation, it will prolong its life, it will improve the roof’s waterproofing qualities and it will also reduce the heat island effect;
  • Install proper insulation – energy efficiency depends on the insulation installed on and under the roof deck. If you are in the process of installing a new roof, get proper roof insulation installed right from the start. If you want to insulate your existing roof, consult an expert to choose insulation of the right type and thickness;
  • Preventive maintenance – adopt a proactive approach toward roof care to maintain the energy-efficiency of your roof and to correct the issues that might impair the energy performance of your roof, such as minor leaks, displaced components, damaged or aged reflective coating or damaged insulation.

Respected local commercial roofers in Denver can provide you with up to date roofing trends to keep your business commercial roof functioning at its best.

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