Keeping Your Roof Free of Fall Leaves

The gutters are important for the roof and for the entire building because they are responsible with collecting rain water and evacuating it safely, away from the walls and the foundation.

However, debris accumulates in the gutters (dried leaves, twigs, feathers and excrements from birds etc.) and they may be clogged. This must not be allowed to happen and that`s why gutter cleaning is a maintenance operation recommended to be performed regularly (about once a year).

If you want to have peace of mind for a longer time, you can choose to have a Denver roofer install gutter guards. With their help, large debris has no chance of entering the drainage system. Gutter guards are available in different types and materials. Choose them according to the environment (surrounding trees, windy climate etc.) and the surface of your roof.

gutter guard installation

Gutter screens are installed above the gutters with a simple fastening system that keeps them in place. They keep debris away, but rainwater does not encounter any obstacle and can be evacuated safely.

Gutter screens made from stainless steel are among the best, due to their strength. This material is durable; the thickness is usually 0.7 mm and can be cut to the desired size. The steel does not rust and only shows small wear signs, during time. There are also plastic guards that are very popular because they are affordable, but they will deteriorate faster and, if you do not replace them on time, they will fail providing the protection you need. Another material for gutter guards is aluminum, which has the advantage of looking very good.


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