Know How to Work Insurance Claims Adjusters: Negotiating and Considering Unconventional Solutions

There are a number of points that require your attention before facing an insurance adjuster. While insurance adjusters are known to be rated on their ability to close insurance claims at the lowest possible cost to the insurance company they represent, it’s important to note that they are also rated on being able to finish the deal fast. As a result, simply pressing your point may influence the adjuster to reach a compromise, if only to ensure a quicker settlement.

Another important recommendation is to stay civil and document your findings. If you know you have proof that the damage to your home is worth higher compensation than what the adjuster is putting on the table, document that finding, and approach the adjuster with a civil voice, assertively seeking to make your point.

Once you get to talking, the negotiation process will proceed for quite some time, since the adjuster will try to get you to accept a lower amount. Don’t agree to this! Even if your feel rushed, it’s best to ponder your options and seek to gain your fair share in exchange for the hard earned money you gave to your insurer over the years.

Finally, along the same lines as the previous point, make sure you’re never the first person to put forward an offer. If you suggest an amount before your adjuster, then you’ve basically put a lid on the amount you’d be willing to accept, when the claims adjuster might actually have suggested a greater sum for your compensation.

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