Look Out for These 4 Common Summer Roof Problems

Denver roofer

The hot months come with hot weather and extreme events that are harsh on humans, animals, plants and buildings alike. The building components that are the mist exposed to the impact of the weather is the roof – here are the roofing issues that are the most common in summer:

  • Roof overheating – roofs are constantly exposed to the summer heat, absorbing considerable amounts of it. When the heat exceeds a certain level, roofing materials are no longer able to cope, causing the roof to let heat penetrate the building as well as to develop cracks and adhesion issues caused by high temperatures;
  • Problems caused by UV rays – UV radiation can cause chemical and physical changes in the materials used for building roofs, causing cracks and gaps to appear;
  • The appearance of moss and algae – another problem that appears in hot and humid regions is the appearance of vegetation on the roof, such as moss and algae. Fortunately, the discolorations caused by the issues is easy to clean and there are lots of roof coatings available to eliminate the issue and to keep it off, too;
  • Storms – summer storms usually come with extremely strong winds, rain and even hail, all of them devastating forces. A Denver roofer with attention to detail will look for issues that include cracks, dents and punctures on the roof and on the gutters as well as ripped off roofing components.

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