Mistakes Made When Inspecting Your Own Roof

 Roof inspection is one of the most important tasks that precede any repair or maintenance procedure. To be able to determine the best course of action, even the smallest punctures holes, even the most hidden of hairline cracks need to be detected, but unfortunately attention in itself is not enough for doing the inspection right. Here are the most common mistakes that are made during roof inspections:

  • Doing the inspection only from the ground – while larger problems, such as missing components, can be easily detected from the ground, smaller issues cannot be seen from down there;

Denver roofer

  • Overlooked issues – it takes a trained Denver roofer  to notice all the issues that are present on a roof. Hairline cracks, spots of incipient rust or algae infestation and other problems that can aggravate quickly are easy to overlook, the mistake usually being the cause for the appearance of unexpected leaks on otherwise well-maintained roofs;
  • Overlooked safety rules – overlooking roofing faults is a serious mistake, but climbing up on a roof without suitable safety gear is foolish. Even so, safety equipment being heavy and uncomfortable, many roofers, especially amateur, self-proclaimed experts climb on the roof without properly anchoring themselves, risking accidents and injuries that can affect not their own health, but can damage the roof as well.

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