Need a New Roof? Good Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Fort Collins roofing company

If you need a new roof, it means that you also need a good Fort Collins roofer. The process of hiring a really good contractor needs to include an interview during which you discuss several topics that are relevant for your roofing project – here are some such topics:

  • Credentials – roofers are required to obtain a state-issued license to be allowed to practice and they are also required to have insurance. Ask the prospective roofer to show you copies of these documents as well as copies of any other relevant certificates;
  • The roofing process – ask your roofer to walk you through the roofing process and to provide a detailed explanation of all the steps involved. Ask questions about the warranties offered on the roofing materials and the labor, about how the job site will be prepared before the project and cleaned afterwards, how the generated waste will be disposed of;
  • Get a written cost estimate – ask the Fort Collins roofer to include all the details of your roofing project into a written cost estimate and study the document very carefully.

Ideally, you should repeat the above procedure three or four times, with different roofers, to find the Fort Collins roofing company that offers the best quality and the best terms and conditions.

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