Popular Roof Myths Debunked

roofing facts

There are lots of very common misconceptions about roofing materials and the tasks related to roof ownership – here are some of them debunked:

  • Metal roofs attract lightning – lightning strikes the tallest and closest object, it is not especially attracted by metal. Even though metal is a conductive material, metal roofs disperse the energy safely and it is non-combustible, so it will not catch fire;
  • Roof maintenance is a waste of time and money – as a matter of fact, the regular inspections and the small repairs done based on the results of the inspections are essential for ensuring that your roof will live as long as it is supposed to live without causing you any major trouble;
  • Roofing that doesn’t show any visible sign of damage when checked from the ground is not damaged – some types of roofing damage start as thin hairline cracks or as a few displaced granules on the surface of the shingles. It is important to perform a detailed check of your roof after every major storm to rule out any issues that look small, but can aggravate quickly;
  • New shingles can be installed on top of the old ones – before you put up the new shingles, the old shingles need to be ripped off and the sheathing underneath inspected and corrected if necessary.

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