Preparing for Fort Collins Roof Replacement

Changing or fixing your roof implies creating a work zone around your house, which can lead to unexpected hazards. After hiring a well respected Fort Collins roofing company, your main priority should be keeping your family safe during the working process. There are several safety precautions or preparation that you should make.

Fort Collins roofing company

Start with the exterior of your house, by relocating any vehicle standing by and keeping it on a safe distance from the working area and by clearing the yard or the patio, and to put everything safely away. After that, remove the items standing on your roof, like the antennas or satellite dishes. Even though roofers usually do this job, you could give a hand and speed the process.

Because working areas are dangerous for children and pets, make sure to keep them on a safe distance. You could also take them out more. Another important thing to do is talking to your neighbors and apologizing in advance for all the possible inconvenience.

Secure the inside of your house, by removing the wall decorations and by clearing or covering the belongings from the attic. Do not forget about the windows. The vibrations caused by machinery used in all the repairing process may travel through the walls. To protect them, it is best to board them up.

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