Problems That Could Lead to Your New Residential Roof Having to Be Replaced

A common cause for roof replacement is that the old roof suffers from too many problems, which also means that getting a new roof is generally considered the best way to eliminate roofing problems for many years to come. Unfortunately, not even new roofs are safe from issues, some of the problems being potentially so severe that the roof might need to be replaced soon after being installed. Here are some such issues:

  • Incorrect installation – there are many ways that a roofing installation can go wrong if it is performed by a roofer who is not knowledgeable enough or wants to save on work or materials. The two most common installation issues that might require the partial or complete removal of the recently installed roof are the failure to install flashing stripes correctly and not respecting the overlapping distance between rows of roofing components, both leading to extensive water damage;

Denver roofing companies

  • Therefore it is very important that you hire Denver roofing companies with an installation warranty.
  • Issues related to the compliance with applicable HOA regulations – the neighborhoods that have HOA covenants are very strict about the color, type and design of the roofs in a particular area. The homeowners who install new roofs that are not in compliance with the covenant might be made to remove their new roof and to replace it with a compliant material.

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