Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Denver Roof Before the Winter

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An old, damaged leaking roof is a serious hazard in a geographical area that gets severe winters, like Denver. The idea to have your roof replaced before winter settles in is surely a great one that will give you some solid protection from freezing weather, but the project also involves some difficulties that you should also know about. Here are some pros and cons off getting your Denver roof replaced before the first snow:

  • The pros – a new roof, whatever the material it is made from, is a structure that seals more efficiently and that will stand up to a thick layer of snow more efficiently, too. Your new roof will keep your home warmer and will also make it easier for your heating system to maintain the temperatures comfortably warm inside your rooms;
  • The cons and the risks – starting a roof replacement project with so little time left until the weather turns really cold comes with the risk of having to complete the project among conditions of severe thermal discomfort. Low temperatures also affect the way that some roofing materials respond to manipulation, asphalt shingles, for example, become very brittle and unsuitable to work with when it is very cold outside. According to conscientious Denver roofing companies that value cost effectiveness, another problem that you need to factor in if you decide to start a roof installation project now is the risk of material shortages and delivery difficulties. If the material that you have chosen for your roof is not currently available, your entire roofing project might suffer delay.

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