Protecting Your Roofing Investment: What Roofing Scams Should You Steer Clear of?

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Roofing might be straightforward if you find a reliable and trustworthy contractor. However, this isn’t the case. Following are a few of the most problematic and costly scams that homeowners have come across, many of which can happen if you’re not careful who you strike a deal with:

  • One common roofing scam is the storm chaser scam. After a storm, “roofers” might knock on your door offering to fix any leaks the storm might have caused. While they may ask for a lot of money due to offering “emergency roofing support,” most don’t have the education or expertise necessary to do a good job, so it’s usually better to steer clear of them.
  • Another scam involves contractors who ask to get paid before they start the work. They might ask even in excess of 50% in advance, which should already raise a few eyebrows. ALL roofing experts who know their trade will tell you that a legitimate contractor will never ask for more than 10% in advance.
  • Finally, there are scammers who give you a highly affordable bid that will make you jump to the chance to save money. Unfortunately, later come the upcharges, and sometimes the contractor will even remove your old roof and ask for exaggerated amounts before they agree to install your new one.

Look for honest Denver roofing companies to complete all your roofing services.

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