Really Good Questions to Ask A Potential Commercial Roofer

The Interstate Roofing contractor that you hire for the installation, maintenance or repair of your commercial roof will be a specialist that you can rely on. Asking the right questions during the contractor selection process is very important for a successful collaboration. Here are some topics that you should bring up during the selection phase:

  • Credentials – you should only hire a roofer that is licensed to provide roofing services in your state, that is insured and that has certificates issued by the manufacturers of roofing materials to prove the roofer’s knowledge of handling various materials. Ask to be shown copies of all these materials and take the time to check them;
  • The roofing project – you need to know exactly what will be going on on your roof, so ask the roofer to explain to you the steps of the roofing process. Find out if the roofer will dispose of the waste generated during the roofing process and how the site will be cleaned after the roofing project is complete;
  • Warranties – roofers usually provide the manufacturer’s warranty on the materials used on your roof and their own warranty on the labor provided. Talk about these documents, too – they are very important for the future of your roof.

Interstate Roofing

We are confident that Interstate Roofing will exceed your expectations in all service and customer support areas. Give them a chance to answer your questions.

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