Reasons to Choose Stone Coated Steel Roofing Solutions

Stone-coated steel roofing materials are made from high-quality steel coated with stone chips attached to the steel with acrylic material for enhanced durability.

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The solution is one that has not been around for long, but it already enjoys huge popularity – here are the benefits offered:

  • Costs – stone-coated steel roofing materials are not the cheapest, but they are still in the affordable price range, only slightly more expensive than asphalt shingles (currently the cheapest materials);
  • Longevity – correctly installed stone-coated steel roofs can last for about 40-70 years, making the option a great investment into the safety and comfort of any building;
  • Energy-efficiency – one of the most common misconceptions about steel roofs is that they absorb heat and transfer it to the building, making it more expensive to cool the rooms in summer. The steel used for making roofing materials actually reflects solar heat and the pieces of rock used on stone-coated steel panels further enhance the material’s reflective properties;
  • Attractive appearance – stone-coated steel roofing materials offered by Denver roofers come in a very wide array of colors, textures, shapes and styles, allowing homeowners to pick the shade and the type that best suits the overall design and style of any building, classic and modern alike.

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