Reasons to Improve Attic Ventilation

The vents installed on your roof might seem like an unimportant component, but in fact they are essential for prolonged roof health – the vents at the bottom and at the top of your roof are intended to ensure that the air is constantly moving under your roof, getting rid of excess moisture and humidity.

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Here is why ensuring efficient ventilation under your roof is essential:

  • Reducing roof temperature – too much heat can damage any material, the ones used on roofs included. According to reputable Denver roofing companies, roof vents are essential for reducing the risk of heat damage on you roof – by ensuring that the air under your roof is in constant movement, roof vents reduce the temperature of the roof, thus prolonging the life of your roof;
  • Reducing harmful humidity – excess humidity can be dangerous for your roof’s support structure. Roof vents play an important role in eliminating any excess humidity trapped in the attic, thus ensuring the health and the strength of your roof beams;
  • Solving the problem of ice dams – ice dams appear when the heated air rising from your rooms meets the cold surface of the roof covered in snow. When the heat meets snow the result is melted water – when that water is generated on a sloping roof surface, the resulting water runs down on the roof and freezes again at edge of the roof, forming icicles. Efficient ventilation reduces ice dam formation by venting out heated air before it can reach the roof.

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