Residential Roofing Options for Energy-Efficient Homes

Surely the term “energy efficiency” is not new for anybody. It refers, in detail, to the many means by which we can achieve the same benefit using less energy. The field covers efficient cars, energy-saving light bulbs, improved industrial practices, better insulation of buildings and a range of other technologies.

Interstate Roofing

Interstate Roofing representatives tell us that there are also residential roofing options for energy-efficient homes, which you might want to consider the next time you change your roof.

Cold roofs

Cold roofs are two-layer roofs that help to reflect sunlight and lower the temperature of the entire building, which is a major advantage in the summer. The investment will be recovered in the blink of an eye, because a cold roof helps to reduce the electricity bill (from the air conditioning) during the summer and to better regulate the temperature in the house. There are materials, such as metal, that have naturally reflective properties, but they are not the only ones used in the construction of cold roofs. Ceramic tiles has excellent natural energy-efficiency properties, and so do the common asphalt shingles, if light colors are chosen.

Of course, for the best results, nowadays you have the option of installing photovoltaic panels or even solar shingles, which will take the energy efficiency of your home to another level.

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