Roof Underlayment – Why You Need It!

A roof underlayment is a layer of waterproof material installed underneath the roof that serves the purpose of preventing the penetration of water under the roof covering. A reputable Fort Collins roofing company informs us that there are several types of underlayment available, asphalt-saturated felt, rubberized asphalt and synthetic, non-bitumen materials being the most common, all of them fulfilling the same important roles.

Fort Collins roofing company

Here they are:

  • An efficient moisture barrier – roof covering materials are water-resistant, but even so, they need some extra protection to prevent water penetration and that extra protection is provided by the underlayment;
  • The prevention of ice damming – ice dams form when warm air rise to the roof without meeting obstacles and comes into contact with the cold roof, increasing its temperature and melting the thin layer of snow in direct contact with the roof. The roof underlayment can prevent the formation of ice dams by preventing the contact between the warm air and the cold roof;
  • A more even and more attractive roofing surface – however hard your roofer might try to make the roof deck perfectly even, some denivelations still remain. The roof underlayment can straighten those bumps and valleys, ensuring that your roof surface will be perfectly even and much more attractive than it would be without that layer.

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