Roof Ventilation: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Attic and Roof ventilation - Fort Collins roofing company

Roof ventilation systems are composed of multiple vents installed in the roof in a way that ensures efficient air flow under the roof, in the attic space. Here are some important things to know about roof ventilation:

  • Types of roof vents – roof vents come in many types, from simple devices that consist of a frame and holes to cupola-like structures and digital vents complete with thermostats that turn them on and off depending on the temperature under the roof;
  • The benefits of efficient roof ventilation – in summer, roof ventilation serves the purpose of driving out hot air to reduce the temperature in the attic and the temperature of the roof, thus preventing heat damage. In winter, the vents control the quantity of moisture that accumulates in the attic space, thus preventing condensation and they also drive out warm air to prevent the melting of the layer of now that is in immediate contact with the roof surface and the formation of ice dams. A thriving Fort Collins roofing company confirms that by controlling moisture and temperature in the attic, roof vents can promote the energy-efficiency of the building by preventing energy loss and consequently reducing the amount of energy needed for cooling and heating the rooms.

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