Roofing Maintenance and Inspections – How to Extend the Life of Your Roof

So, if you’re looking for tips to extend the life span of your roof, you have come to the right place.

Read on and take heed.

Keep the drainage system clean

When it comes to residential homes, drainage system means gutters and downspouts. They can become clogged with debris (dirt, twigs, leaves) and fail to collect rainwater and direct it to the sewers. Consequently, water may leak along the walls and seep inside the building. Does this seem like something to be taken lightly? No.

Remove dirt, moss, and tree branches that grow above or too close to the roof

Dirt and moss on your roof may affect not only its aspect but also its protective performance. That said, they are not paying the rent to stay up there anyway, so get rid of them!

And as if the debris was not enough, hanging branches are arguably even worse. They can fall during a storm, rub against the roof, and cause significant damage. Be sure to prune these branches periodically!

Inspect the flashing

Little things such as roof flashing matter. They seem insignificant only in appearance. They are significant in preventing rainwater from entering your home. Regularly inspect your roof to ensure the flashing is in good condition and performs at its best.  

Interstate Roofing

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