Roofing Materials that Provide the Most Effective Fire Protection

 Fort Collins roofer offers advice on fire resistant roofs

Roofing materials are rated for many features, including fire resistance, Class A being the category of the materials that are the most resistant to flames and Class C and unrated being the two lowest categories. While roofing experts agree that there is no such thing as a completely fire-proof roofing, roofing materials vary considerably in terms of how resistant they are to fire – here are the materials recommended by a knowledgeable Fort Collins roofer that work best in fire-prone areas:

  • Clay and cement tiles – both types of tiles go through fire during the manufacturing process, which makes them resistant to extremely high temperatures and impervious to flying ember. The material provides superior resistance to other issues, including pests, moisture, winds and solar radiation;
  • Metal roofing materials – the metal tiles, shingles and panels used on roofs are also very resistant to fires and they are also impervious to pests and very resistant to winds, moisture and harsh sunshine;
  • Fiberglass – this modern, synthetic material is a relative newcomer on the market of roofing materials. It is available in many variants, including products that come with Class A fire-resistance rating.

If you want to improve your roof’s fire resistance even further, consider replacing the wooden components of your roof with materials that can stand up to fire for longer.

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