Saving Energy with a New Flat Roof

If you are in the process of getting a new flat roof installed on your building, you have lots of great, energy-saving options that offer not only the opportunity to reduce the energy bills related to heating and cooling your building, but prolonged lifespan and resistance to the elements as well. Here are a few of your best options:

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  • Cool roofing products – traditionally, cool roofs were built using light-colored components to reflect the sun’s heat, thus reducing the heat absorbed by the roof and transferred into the building. Today, commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO shingle manufacturers offer special, cool products that reflect heat through the special materials they are made from;
  • Special roof coatings – energy savings can nowadays be efficiently achieved in an affordable manner with the help of special roof coatings that can be applied on existing roofs to improve thermal performance. The coatings are available in brush-on, roll-on and roll-out versions;
  • Single-ply membrane roofs – these roofs are installed by commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO pros using pre-fabricated sheets that are rolled out on the surface of the roof and fastened with adhesives, gravel or mechanical fasteners;
  • Built-up roofs – consisting of a base sheet, reinforcement layers made from fabric and a surface layer of small stone. Choosing white or light-colored stone for the topmost layer can efficiently reduce heat exchange between the environment and the building interior.

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