Selling Your Home? 3 Reasons for a Roof Certification Before Listing Your House

The roof is among the most important structures that realtors and potential buyers check before making an offer, therefore roof certificates are essential documents that inspire trust. A roof certificate is a document prepared by a roofer following a detailed inspection of the roof. The certificate summarizes the findings of the inspection, specifying the age of the roof, the materials it is made from, the condition it is in, the expected lifespan of the structure and it also contains recommendations about the repairs and changes that would make the roof stronger.

Interstate Roofing in Fort Collins

Here are some reasons roofing certificates are beneficial for sellers and buyers alike:

  • Giving the current owner an idea about the condition of the roof – the inspection conducted to issue the roof certificate will reveal smaller and larger issues as well, providing important information about the repairs that they need to make to maximize their asking price;
  • Giving the interested buyer an idea about the value of the property – the roof certificate will provide the buyer accurate information about what they are actually buying and about how much work they will have to put into their new property;
  • Essential for financing – many mortgage lenders require roof certificates to provide the loan, therefore the certificate can often be a prerequisite for any selling and buying process.
  • Interstate Roofing professionals,, can be trusted to provide you with a thorough, honest assessment of your business or residential roof.

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