Should I Ask My Commercial Roofer to Provide Proof of Insurance and Licensing?

When you are planning to hire a Fort Collins roofer for your commercial roof, one of the first and most important things to check is legitimacy. In most states, roofing contractors are allowed to operate only if they have previously obtained a state-issued roofing license and only if they are also properly insured, carrying at least a general liability insurance and a workman’s compensation insurance if they have employees.

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There are many ways to verify the roofer’s license and insurance policies. Most roofers nowadays have websites on which they present their services and portfolio. Reliable contractors are aware of the legal requirements to carry a license and the relevant insurance policies, therefore they usually provide information about those documents on their website. The other way to check the credentials is to simply ask the roofer to provide copies – if this what you choose, take the time to read them and to check whether the license has been issued by your state and whether the insurance policies are valid.

While checking your commercial roof repair Fort Collins credentials, it is also very important to find out whether the roofer will be providing the services you need through their own team or subcontractors will be involved, too. In the latter case, you will need to make sure that the roofer has insurance coverage for any damage caused by the subcontractors as well.

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