Should I Have A Monthly Maintenance Plan for My Commercial Roof?

Roof maintenance is essential for maintaining the health of your commercial roofing. Ideally, you need yearly or six-monthly maintenance sessions that involve thorough cleaning for the roof and the gutters, professional inspections to reveal any faults and minor repairs to preserve the health of the structure.

While enrolling your roof into a monthly maintenance plan might be a bit too much, you need a plan that includes not only the semi-annual visits, but extra sessions whenever needed, after strong storms and other extreme weather events as well as minor repairs and inspection reports. These extra inspections are very important to catch any damage caused by the harsh weather in time, before it turns into a leak or before it causes other issues.

Many roofing companies offer commercial roof maintenance plans for very affordable fees, usually calculated based on the condition of the roof, the accessibility and the special features of the roof that need to be taken into consideration. The plans usually include one or two regular, scheduled visits, for the spring, the fall or for both, and a number of emergency visits. The agreements will also include the exact list of the services to be provided during maintenance sessions.

Interstate Roofing

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