Should You Attempt a DIY Roof Installation for a Basic Denver Roof?

Fort Collins roofer

When it comes to the replacement of the roof on your home, you might be tempted to try to save some money by performing the removal of the old roof and the installation of the new roof on your own or with help from some friends, especially if your roof is not very large and it is not complex either. However, the decision to handle the roof replacement yourself is not a good idea. A Fort Collins roofer near me advises strongly against DIY roofing. Here are some arguments why you should leave roof installation to the professionals:

  • DIY roofing will not save you money – roof installation, even on simple roofs, with materials that are simple to install, requires experience and knowledge to perform correctly. Any installation mistake can cost you dearly – the roof you install might not be as resistant to the elements as you want it to be and it might be more prone to leaks and other forms of damage;
  • Voided warranty – the warranty that you have on your roofing materials is valid only as long as the materials are installed by a professional roofer. Any roofing work performed by an unlicensed person leads to the voiding of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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