Should You Consider a Composite or Architectural Shingle Roof?

If you’re interested in installing a cheaper roof to save money, you might already have thought of hiring a Fort Collins roofer to set up a new asphalt shingle roof. However, it’s worth checking out other alternatives as well. Architectural and composite shingle roofs are also based on asphalt, but they typically have a better construction and are far more appealing.

Here are just a few reasons a seasoned Fort Collins roofer may suggest why a composite or architectural shingle roof might be a better choice than a common asphalt shingle roof for your home:

  • Compared to regular asphalt shingle roofing, both composite and architectural shingles are more durable and resilient. While a cheap asphalt roof is likely to last less than 15 years when dealing with the changing Colorado weather patterns over time, composite roofs feature an improved and more robust constitution that make them better equipped to tackle storms and strong winds. So you can expect them to last well over 20-25 years in most cases.
  • Consider how good architectural shingle roofs actually look when compared to cheaper asphalt roofs. Although they use much of the same materials, architectural roofs are a clear technological improvement, and their superior aesthetics will provide your home with better curb appeal and increased overall value.
  • Although there is a price difference, it’s really not that high. Of course, if you choose to add customization and all the latest upgrades to your architectural shingle roof, it will be more costly than normal. However, on average, you’ll only need to pay a little more and you can get all the aforementioned benefits and many others, along with your high quality architectural or composite roof.

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