Should You Install a Gutter System When You Get a New Roof?

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You might already have figured out that the best way to fix your old roof is to have it replaced with a brand new one. Whether you just bought your new home or you’re thinking about renovating it and your new roof is part of the plan, it might also be important to think about adding a few essential upgrades to it – including a brand new gutter system.


A good gutter system includes gutters and gutter guards that can conveniently channel all the rainwater away from your roof so you don’t have to deal with it pooling, attracting pests and causing mold to form.

Although some gutters are expensive, that isn’t the case all the time. Some systems are actually quite cheap depending on the size and material, and you’ll find that they can provide equal protection as long as you keep track of the maintenance work that is required.

Installing a gutter system when you get roof is also a good idea because you can protect the roof more efficiently from the very beginning of its projected lifespan. In fact, according to a preferred Fort Collins roofer near me, as long as you take good care of your roof in the long run, you might even be able to extend its lifespan to a very real and significant extent.

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