Should You Invest in a Slate Roof for Your Newly Purchased Denver House?

Denver roofer

Slate is among the most spectacular most durable and most energy efficient roofing materials. Consisting of unique slabs of natural stone, all handpicked for your roof, slate structures look great and they also come with all the extraordinary features of stone. However, slate roofs are not for just any building – here are some things to know before you make the investment:

  • An exceptionally heavy material – slate is heavy and so are the roofs built from the material. This means that before you go ahead with your investment into the material, you should turn to a professional roofer to make an accurate calculation regarding the weight bearing capacities of your building;
  • Installation requirements – slate is unlike other roofing materials in terms of the installation process as well. Unlike roofing shingles or the roofs consisting of metal panels, slate roofs consist of pieces installed one by one, using special, traditional techniques. This also means that you will have to hire a Denver roofer with experience in building slate roofs, that is the only way to get a slate roof that is safe and correctly installed;
  • Pricing – you should be aware that slate is not only the most attractive and most durable roofing material available today, it is also the most expensive one.

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