Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

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The roof on your home is among the most important and most expensive components of your building and also one that you surely expect to last for decades. The durability of your roof depends not only on the warranted lifetime of the material it is made from, but also on the installation – incorrect installation can shorten your roof’s life by years. To ensure a quality roofing system, it is always recommended that you use a respected Fort Collins roofer for inspection, installation, maintenance, and repairs. Here are some of the signs that indicate a bad roofing job:

  • Uniformity issues – an incorrectly installed or repaired roof will have sections that age and fade differently from others;
  • A sagging roofline – a bent roof ridge is an indicative of severe structural damage. While in some cases, the problem might be caused by aging, it is more often the consequence of poor installation and the lack of proper maintenance;
  • A new roof with missing or damaged roof covering components – while these issues can also be caused by aging or by a recent storm, if they affect a relatively new roof, they might also indicate improper installation;
  • Frequent leaks around the flashing – if you seem to get water leaking through the roof around the flashing stripes, the cause of the problem might be reused flashing. Many roofers choose to install used flashing to cut costs, but in most cases, new fasteners cannot be driven through the holes already existing in the flashing stripes. To be able to fix the stripes, the roofer will need to make new holes, which will allow water to seep in through the old holes.

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