Signs That Your Flat Roof Was Hit by Hail

Some forms of hail damage are obvious, others are hidden and difficult to detect, but all of them can aggravate very quickly, so it is essential to find and fix them very soon after the hail-storm that caused them. Here are some of the most common signs that indicate hail damage:

  • Dents on the gutters – the gutters are usually made from material that is weaker than the material of the roof surface, so if the roof has suffered any hail damage, the gutters will be dented;
  • Damaged vents – look for dings and dents there as well;
  • Chimney covers – most covers are also made from metal, so the damage caused by hail is the same as in the case of the vents and the gutters;
  • The roof covering – the signs of hail damage differ depending on the material. Metal roofs show the same signs as the other metal components, foam surfaces get holes or form gaps, while PVC can get cracks. Gravel roofs are the most resistant to hail, the impact caused by the ice balls hardly affects them, but the special construction of these roofs makes damage difficult to find, so the best way to diagnose your roof is to hire specialized hail damage commercial roofers in Denver for the job.

use commercial roofers in Denver to inspect and repair hail damaged flat roofs

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