Talking to Your Roofer About the Slope of Your New Roof

So you want to make some changes to your old house, and you think a higher or lower slope might suit it better. Maybe the home used to have a flat roof, and you’re thinking that a brand new sloped roofing system will be a better solution for fending off the elements and protecting your home against storms. All of these initiatives could be great; but what should you choose and why?

Fort Collins roofer

The best course of action is to call in a professional and experienced Fort Collins roofer and discuss the issue with them. They can provide you with a thorough roof inspection and give you a great deal of pertinent advice about roofing solutions that you might want to consider.

The main two purposes associated with a slope is to ensure that your roof has better curb appeal and to provide improved protection against rain and hail. When the impact is full on vertical, as it is in the case of a flat roof, the potential destructive power of hail is the highest. In contrast, a sloped roof not only allows hail and rainwater to slide right off, but also deflects strong winds, preventing your roofing material from being swept away during a big storm.

Talking to your roofing contractor about all of these benefits and any potential drawbacks of getting a roof with a higher or lower slope can be very beneficial going forward. Also, make sure to ask them what angle would be best for the slope, and whether they have any recommendations regarding different slopes that should be assigned to different roofing materials and products.

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